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Caparol Filtergrund grob

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Field of Application

Pigmented, dispersion-/emulsion-based coating material for insulation and embedding of nicotine, water, soot and fat/grease stains before applying textured finishing coatings.

Filtergrund grob (coarse-grained) is adjusted white-transparent and is able to embed discolouring or penetrating contamination and stains, remaining visibly, but insoluble. In addition the product provides for a grip promoting surface and high adhesion of the following coatings. Therefore the material is used for priming/grip coat before applying finishing textured coats of Caparol synthetic (organic) plaster, stone chips loaded Capa-stone, Capadecor VarioPutz, Capafloc Vario, Hardfloc wall covering and many other coating materials.


■ Water-dilutable, ecologically compatible.

■ High insulating effect.

■ Sealer as per  VOB.

■ Able to bind/embed soilings and discolourations (remaining visibly).

■ Diffusion-capable.

■ High adhesive strength (grip).

■ Easy to apply.


Material Properties Material Base / Vehicle Synthetic resin dispersion/emulsion according to German standard DIN 55945.


Packaging/Package Size 12.5 litres


Colours White-transparent.

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